"I'm always amazed that when Deb sings, … she can grab the attention of the audience and keep it until the very last note.  She's a true professional in every way."   ~Bob "Mr. Nashville" Weber, Music Director, WVAL 800am Radio, and Owner of Lost Highway Entertainment DJ and Karaoke Services.

Deb Barrett’s alto voice, sculpted in the harmony rich environment of school and church choirs, was inspired especially by harmony groups like the Eagles, the Statler Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and more recently, Little Big Town, and Lady A.  Ten years ago she picked up her dusty guitar, sat in the corner of a magical coffee shop's open jam, surrounded by some of the most talented musicians she had ever met and caught something that could no longer be shaken…the desire to play music. This!  This is the journey. Welcome!



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  1. Was great to see you again at Bo Didleys! Great surprise. Wish we could have played a few more songs. Take care and hope to see you again soon!

    • Thank you, Roger!  It was great to see you, too!  And Ken, too… always so nice to jam with you–I love your song choices!  As always at BoDiddley’s … so many songs, so little time!  You take care, too! :-)

  2. wish you had more gigs to go to, but hopefully something will work out with the tip that I gave you see you soom  

    • Thanks so much for your interest in helping our band get more shows!  It’s unusual for us to have such a long break of weekends.  We were supposed to have 5 weekends “off”, but we ended up getting 2 weekends filled with shows and we practiced on the off weekends rather than during the week.  Starting this Thursday, May 18th, I actually have 5 shows in 10 days!  And I won’t have a weekend off now until July 21st.  Doing what we love–Life is good! :-)

  3. Hi Deb, You are on my bookmark bar now. Yay!!! I love your song Crossing Bridges               Very thought provoking for me. 

    I remember a time in my life where it seemed safer to not burn any bridges….might need to go back there someday. But after safely crossing so many, I am blessed to say I aint going back there no more!! There is so much living to do!! Peace, love and a whole lot of grooviness to you and Earl!

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